our approach

  • Boutique leadership advisory firm founded in 1977. Committed to developing leaders (coaching), improving key executive relationships and partnerships (team development), and building competitive organizations and cultures.
  • Paul Donahue, a co-founder, holds a doctorate in organizational behavior. Experienced in a wide array of industries.
  • Firm specializes in accelerating strategic transitions (exceptional growth, mergers, succession…) with new and renewed leadership teams.
  • Firm helps leaders and their teams develop personally and interpersonally side stepping the inherent resistances in themselves, their organization, and the culture trade-offs that can thwart the their vision. For example:
  • Leaders with stylistic limitations hanging on to old patterns ~ reluctant to chance risks.
  • Tolerating unacceptable behavior.
  • Disconnects between partners.
  • Keeping weak people. Hiring second rate people.
  • Trapped in the “extinction spiral:” Failing to continuously invest AND seek cost efficiencies in both strong and weak market cycles.
  • Creating powerful partnerships that are both fun and profitable.
  • Making Presidents and their teams successful.
  • Partial to egos that can subordinate themselves for a greater good.
  • Loyalty.
  • Distaste for abusive, irresponsible power (bullies), and amateurism (not knowing what you don’t know).
  • Big egos without humility.
  • Dislikes victims, and tyrants who are kind to them.
  • Little patience for defensiveness ~ people who can’t take criticism or who blame others.
Get to know the senior executives and their organization through:

  • Confidential conversations with them and their people,
  • How Others See us -360 input,
  • Participation in meetings, and discussions on their hot topics.
  • Construct executive and organizational game plans to leverage strengths, illuminate blind spots, and complement shortfalls.
  • Provide developmental recommendations to leaders on realistic, achievable changes in the way they connect, communicate, and make decisions.
  • Master the power of the client’s culture as both a means and an end using it as the touchstone for all connections ~ internally with each other and externally with their customers.
  • Encourage them to exercise their strengths and to be true to their foundational identity ~ values and principles.
  • Increase their insight and self-awareness by helping them clearly see how their expressed identity ~ style and comfort level ~ can compromise performance.
  • Help leaders and founders “let go” by modifying the way they engage and interact.
  • Smith & Donahue seeks to have an ongoing role with client companies with the goal of creating an intimate, collaborative executive partnership that makes money and has fun.
Smith & Donahue, Inc.
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